The mission of the ACK is to support KEEP by being its U.S. partner. The work of the ACK is rooted in the Christian faith, which motivated KEEP’s founder, Paul Rusch. We seek to promote world peace through “connecting the separated” by building bridges of understanding between peoples.


The day for responsible international living is at hand. – Paul Rusch, 1942

Connecting the Separated

In the United States, the American Committee for KEEP (ACK) has operated since 1950 to support KEEP as its partner with technical, programmatic, and financial assistance. Funds raised by the ACK help support the educational, agricultural, environmental, and international outreach work of KEEP in Japan and around the world.

Building Bridges of Understanding

Through innovative programming, KEEP is building bridges of understanding between people of all ages, nationalities, and religions. Last fiscal year, more than 30,000 people participated in KEEP’s educational programming and 133,000 visited KEEP’s three museums. As many as 1 million people visit KEEP’s facilities annually. Visitors who come to KEEP from around the world return to their homes empowered to use the knowledge gained at KEEP in their own communities to solve social, economic, and ecological issues. Together we are working to make tomorrow’s future brighter through educational exchange and outreach.

KEEP – Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project

The Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project (KEEP) is an economic and community development project rooted in Christian faith. KEEP was founded on four ideals: Food, Health, Faith, and Hope for Youth. KEEP added the principles of environmental education and international outreach to its advocacy work in the 1980s. But the mission remains constant: to offer program participants and visitors alike educational opportunities resulting in a new perspective, a stronger spirituality, a deeper cultural understanding, a richer appreciation for the ties that bind all people, and a call to serve others.